the Cocktail series

The Cocktail Series:
Tequila Sunrise (4/25): One cake constructed from two cake layers: one each of Strawberry
(substituting strawberry for grenadine, as is used in the cocktail) and Orange, coated with a Tequila Buttercream!

Chocolate Coconut Rum (5/2): Luscious Coconut Cake filled with Malibu Rum Coconut Custard Cream,
dreamily covered in a Dark Chocolate Mozart Liqueur Buttercream

Champagne Cocktail (5/9): Champagne Cake with Strawberry Pink Champagne Buttercream

The Bee’s Knees (5/16): Butter Cake with Barenjager Honey (liqueur) Lemon Buttercream

Summer Lemonade Bourbon (5/23): Bourbon, the Great American Spirit … Vanilla Bourbon Cake with a Lemonade Buttercream … the front porch is waiting

Hurricane Cocktail Cake (5/30): Rum cake (dark and light rum) with hints of Orange and Lime covered in a Passionfruit buttercream … it’s Hurricane season

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