Birthday Cakes

Joy! Birthdays. . .whether a 1st, 101st or anywhere in between (even an UNbirthday), simple or customized, celebrate with cake!!!

Some may find images online or pinterest to replicate, while others give us some ideas and say go ahead and get creative! We find the more personal, the more meaning the cake has. For example. . .

This 65th birthday cake made for a lady who loves to travel, features many hand-painted fondant details, including the birthday girl’s grandchildren holding the sign for their ‘Oma’ at the airport. White Chocolate Cake, Raspberry Curd Filling, Raspberry Chambord Buttercream and a Raspberry and White Chocolate Meringue ‘support board’ for the Gumpaste Scene, all finished with a coating of Whipped Cream. Feedback: Lots of tears of happiness all round when this cake was displayed. ❤️

It may not appear so, but this is a Gluten-free Black Forest Cake! Yes, we can do Gluten-free : )

This sweet girl was born in Oktober so had a “Onetoberfest!” birthday! So fun to celebrate her and her heritage ❤️! And can work for any birthday number, though some sound a bit better than others : )

Ratatouille Cake .  . .entirely edible cake and pieces on a real woodendcheese cutting board, of course! “Anyone can cook. But I realize, only now do I truly understand what he meant. Not everyone can become a great artist, but a great artist can come from anywhere.” — Anton Ego in “Ratatouille” Team effort (like so many pieces) – Hailey Aichem

Cheers to the birthday Girl (or Guy!) Personalized wine glass delived ahead to our baker and incorporated into the cake makes a keepsake gift for the birthday person

Makeup Cake created for a young lady. Entirely edible!

“Story of her life” Memory Board Cake decorated with edible pictures symbolic of important events and memories! So personal and so meaningful! While on display for the guests, the birthday girl talked about the pieces and reminisced. Lovely event!

“So Long and Thanks for all the Fish!” Douglass Adams’ fans KNOW why celebrating a 42nd birthday matters 🤣

An Autumn or Winter Birthday? When the weather cools we enjoy making a Hot Chocolate Cake, with Hot Chocolate & Marshmallow Buttercreams and Mini Marshmallows, of Course!

This was a FUN one! And yes, it was a birthday cake, for a “Walking Dead” fan. Perfect for a Halloween party, too! Almost, entirely edible: Cake (this one was chocolate) inside of a White Chocolate Skull and Bone Shards with Raspberry. Skin, Shirt and Brains in Fondant. Sheet Cake body for easier cutting and serving to guests. **Notice the head is actually turned backwards on the body! (Ew) Inside the Skull is the special surprise: a plastic bag with red grenadine and corn syrup. The birthday boy had to ‘mercy’ the zombie by stabbing the skull, which then bled out. Surprise!!!

Birthday cakes for people who prefer a classic design.

Spiderman, Spiderman, does whatever a spider can . . . Two variations shown below; not just for kids 😉

This lucky 8 year old had two cakes! One for his family birthday party and a second for his party with friends the next day. Nerf anyone?

A 3D unicorn for a girl who believes in magical mystical creatures

Chocolate. Of course!
Strawberries and Cream
German’s Chocolate

“Time to celebrate!”

S – C – R – A – B – B – L – E

“Can you tell me how to get, how to get to “Katelyn and Maxwell St?” 1st Birthday Sesame Street cake for twins with gumpaste hand decorated Sesame Street shop scenes.

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